Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode MG Review Part 3

Written By Om3ga062012 on Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 9:12 PM

On this part i will equip this gunpla with Beam Rifles, "Xiphias 3" Rail Cannons and Super DRAGOON System. 

Armed with Beam Rifles-a
Armed with Beam Rifles-b

Armed with Beam Rifles-c
Armed with Beam Rifles-d

Action pose with Beam Rifles-a
Action pose with Beam Rifles-b

Action pose with Combined Beam Rifles-a
Action pose with Combined Beam Rifles-b

Action pose with Combined Beam Rifles-c
Action pose with Combined Beam Rifles-d

Action pose with Combined Beam Rifles-e
Action pose with Rail Cannons-a

Action pose with Rail Cannons-b
Action pose with Rail Cannons-c

Full Burst Mode-a
Full Burst Mode-b

By the way be careful when assembling the wings part, the yellow part connector between each wings (Front & Rear) are very fragile. Because i made a fatal mistake when assembling the left wings, so i have to disassemble it if i want to spread it open. After that, i learn the inner mechanism of the wing from the manual guide carefully, then finally i can assemble the other wing without any problem.

Also read carefully the manual guide when you try to bend the clear part (x8) for DRAGOON effect (200mm long each of them) or you will ruin the Full Burst Mode. 

  • This one can perform action pose just like on the anime series
  • Not just one but 2 action base included (one with star-like shape to perform action pose you can see it on part 2; while the other one ( i use it on this 3rd part) also to perform action pose but with full burst mode)
  • I like the bended beam sabers (its more like katana sword lol...)
  • I also like the DRAGOON effect
  • The inner frame is not fully gold-coated
  • The wings mechanism is very fragile
  • The backpack (with both wings attached) is very heavy, this gunpla will fell off easily when you try to perform action pose with both wings spread open, thats why this one came with action base


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