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Add On: H-Hangar for HG/MG Gunpla

Written By Om3ga062012 on Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 10:09 PM

This time i want to review H-Hangar from the Wave  Corporation, its made in Korea. This add on consist of 8 plastic runner sets with two additional large pieces rectangle with the size of 80 x 160 mm that can be used as floor or wall. One assembling manual guide and also 1 set of sticker decals included.

After i try to assemble this H-Hangar, in my opinion the snapfit very tight. You can change the shape into 5 different types which can be seen on the back of the boxart. However, it can only fit 2 HG (without backpack) or one MG gunpla and i'm not suggesting to change the types too often, because the plastic can be stressed/broken. I tested it with my HG Oowashi Akatsuki Gundam and MG Gundam Age-2 Normal.

H-Hangar boxart (Front Cover)

H-Hangar boxart (Back Cover)

Manual Guide (Front Cover)
Manual Guide (Back Cover)

HG gunpla inside H-Hangar-a
HG gunpla inside H-Hangar-b

HG gunpla inside H-Hangar-c
HG gunpla inside H-Hangar-d

HG gunpla inside H-Hangar-e
MG gunpla inside H-Hangar-a

MG gunpla inside H-Hangar-b
MG gunpla inside H-Hangar-c

MG gunpla inside H-Hangar-d
MG gunpla inside H-Hangar-e

  • This add on can be change into different types
  • It can be used for HG or MG gunpla
  • It can be combine with another set of H-Hangar
  • The snapfit very tight
  • only fit 1 MG gunpla per set or 2-3 HG gunpla/set (without backpack)
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Gundam Epyon MG Review Part 4

Written By Om3ga062012 on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | 10:23 PM

Gundam Epyon is a transformable mobile suit, this time i will show you the transformation sequences.

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-a
Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-b

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-c
Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-d

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-e

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-f

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-g

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-h

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-i

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-j

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-k

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-l

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-m

Gundam Epyon's Transformation Sequences-n

  • This gunpla has great articulation (posable)
  • It can be easily transformed into two headed dragon with opening/closing mouth gimmick
  • The heat rod is very flexible
  • Nice gimmick on the neck
  • Expandable wings
  • The front skirt armors fell off easily when you move the legs part too high
  • Non-articulated fingers part
  • The wings backpack is so heavy, so you'll need an action base to pose it nicely
  •  No action base included
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Gundam Epyon MG Review Part 3

Written By Om3ga062012 on Thursday, May 16, 2013 | 10:54 PM

For the third part, i will equip it with Beam Sword and a Shield + Heat Rod, then as usual perform some action poses.

Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-a
Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-b

Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-c

Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-d

Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-e
Gundam Epyon armed with Beam Sword & Shield-f

Action pose with Beam Sword-a
Action pose with Beam Sword-b

Action pose with Beam Sword-c
Action pose with Beam Sword-d

Action pose with Beam Sword-e

Action pose with Beam Sword-f

Action pose with Beam Sword-g

Action pose with Beam Sword-h

Action pose with Heat Rod-a

Action pose with Heat Rod-b

Action pose with Heat Rod-c

Action pose with Heat Rod-d

To be Continued on Part 4...
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Gundam Epyon MG Review Part 2

Written By Om3ga062012 on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | 6:38 AM

This time i am going to test this gunpla articulation by perform some action poses without its wings and weapons. By the way, on part 1, one of this blog reader suggested me to increase my digital camera's light exposure +1. Here's the result :)

Action pose-a
Action pose-b

Action pose-c
Action pose-d

Action pose-e

Action pose-f

Action pose-g
Action pose-h

Action pose-i
Action pose-j

Action pose-k

Action pose-l

Action pose-m
Action pose-n

To be Continued on Part 3...
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