Info: MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka Release Date

Written By Om3ga062012 on Saturday, December 7, 2013 | 6:28 AM

The newly designed MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka from Char's Counter Attack will be released by Bandai on December 14, 2013 in Japan & 21 December 2013 worldwide at the price of 9,000 yen. New features include sliding panels to reveal the interior mechanical detail, pop open thruster hatches in the legs, a second beam rifle, as well as redesigned beam tomahawk incorporating elements from the Sinanju, LED unit compatibility for the head. All iconic armaments including 6 funnels, beam rifle, beam tomahawk, beam sabers and shield are included.

Inside the box:
Plastic Runner Set (x31), instruction manual book (x1), sticker + decals (x3)

Boxart of MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka

MG Sazabi Ver. Ka (Front View)

MG Sazabi Ver. Ka (Action pose)

MG Sazabi Ver. Ka (Hatch open gimmick)

Armaments of MG Sazabi Ver. Ka



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