Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai MG Review Part 2

Written By Om3ga062012 on Monday, August 6, 2012 | 6:52 PM

This time i'll try to equip it with the swords and Tactical Arms IIL.

Armed with 2 Katanas (Flying Form)-a
Armed with 2 Katanas (Flying Form)-b

Armed with 2 Katanas (Flying Form)-c
Standby Mode (V Form)-a

Standby Mode (V-Form)-b
Standby Mode (V-Form)-c

Standby Mode (Delta Form)-a
Standby Mode (Delta Form)-b

Armed with Beam Torch and Tactical Arms IIL (Claw Mode)
Standby Mode (Buster Sword Form)-a
Standby Mode (Buster Sword Form)-b

Armed with Katana Sword
Armed with Buster Sword-a

Armed with Buster Sword-b
Armed with Tactical Arms IIL (Arrow Form)-a
Armed with Tactical Arms IIL (Arrow Form)-b

  • This model kit can perform various action pose
  • Tactical Arms IIL can be transformed into various form
  • Cool design of the Katana Swords
  • Unique design of the head and i like the muscle-like on both legs
  • Small action base (red) included
  • The backpack (Tactical Arms IIL) is very heavy, sometimes it fell off easily if you don't keep the balance
  • The red "V" horn on its head also fell off easily when you try to perform action pose
  • Too much red color on both hands, and too much white colors on both legs


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