00 Raiser GN Condenser Type MG Review Part 1

Written By Om3ga062012 on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 7:23 AM

00 Raiser GN Condenser Type (GN-0000RE + GNR-010) first appear on Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: "A wakening of The Trailblazer", it is the repaired version of 00 Raiser (GN-0000 + GNR-010) and this unit still piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei. After the last battle against Reborn Gundam (CB-0000G/C)-piloted by Ribbons Almark (on the anime series 2nd season episode 25), 00 Raiser lost both of its GN Drive therefore this unit is equipped with two high capacity GN Condensers.

The Master Grade (MG) version of this gundam is first released on May 2011 by Bandai. It is consist of 23 plastic runner sets. You can choose to equip 00 Raiser with both GN Drive (anime series) or equip it with GN Condenser just like the movie version. However since the basic appearance of 00 Raiser with GN Drive is exactly the same with 00 Gundam Seven Sword, so i decided to equip it with GN Condenser. One LED light unit also included.

Box Art of 00 Raiser GN Condenser Type Master Grade
Manual Guide (Front Cover)
Manual Guide (Rear Cover)

Standby Mode-a
Standby Mode-b

Standby Mode-c
Standby Mode-d

O Raiser-a
O Raiser-b
O Raiser-c
O Raiser-d
00 Raiser GN Condenser Type with All Armaments

To be Continued on Part 2...


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