Add On: XN Raiser Resin Conversion Kit for 00 Gundam MG Review Part 1

Written By Om3ga062012 on Monday, October 1, 2012 | 11:57 PM

XN Raiser (GNR-010/XN) is a modification of 0 Raiser (GNR-010). According to Gundam Wikia, XN Raiser still carries the same armaments as the original 0 Raiser, but with additional two GN Buster Sword III for flight stability in fighter mode, which also serve as ramming weapons. The fighter also has a pair of MS arms to hold the swords. When combined with the 00 Gundam, the entire craft docks onto the Gundam's back with the sword handles exposed for 00 to quickly use. Also, XN Raiser can dock with other Gundams to increase the Gundam's fighting strength.The unit exists as simulation data. 

This XN Raiser resin conversion kit Master Grade version (MG) was released by Model Legend (now Mr. Asia). When i opened the box, the parts already cut from the runners, separated in clear plastic wrap with one action base included. After i assemble it, this one can be attached on 00 Gundam with/without 0 Raiser so you can attached it on 00 Gundam Seven Sword as a backpack.

By the way i made some modification with MS Arms, i replace the original parts (because it can not hold the swords pretty well) with spare hands of 00 Gundam.

XN Raiser Boxart
XN Raiser Parts

XN Raiser Manual Guide (Front Cover)

XN Raiser Manual Guide (Back Cover)

XN Raiser Armament-a

XN Raiser Armament-b

XN Raiser-a

XN Raiser-b

XN Raiser-c

XN Raiser-d

XN Raiser-e

XN Raiser-f

XN Raiser-g

XN Raiser-h

To be continued on Part 2...


Yose said...

Very nice review about 1/100 XN Raiser, bro Tri :). Love the final result also, 1/100 00 Quanta X-Saber (MG) ^^.

Om3ga062012 said...

@Yose: Thanks a lot, bro. Really appreciate it :)

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