Gundam AGE-2 Normal MG Review Part 1

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Gundam AGE-2 Normal is the successor unit of Gundam AGE-1 Normal. The unit is designed as a high-speed combat unit, able to transform into a Strider mode (also referred to as "G-Strider"), a fighter-like form which flies at three times the speed of its MS mode. In this form, AGE-2 is capable of atmospheric entry. AGE-2 Normal is equipped with Hyper DODS Rifle, a Shield and 2 Beam Sabers, and piloted by Asemu Asuno.

The model kit of Gundam AGE-2 Normal Master Grade (MG) version first released by Bandai on August 2012, it is consist of 17 plastic runner sets.

Box Art of Gundam AGE-2 Normal MG Version-a
Box Art of Gundam AGE-2 Normal MG Version-b

Manual Guide of Gundam AGE-2 Normal MG-a
Manual Guide of Gundam AGE-2 Normal MG-b

Armaments and System Features:
Beam Saber (x2)
Hyper DODS Rifle (x1)

Beam Vulcan (G-Strider Mode) (x2)
Shield (x1)


Extra parts:
Non-Articulated Hand Parts (x8)

Standby Mode-a

Standby Mode-b

Standby Mode-c

Standby Mode-d
Standby Mode-e

Standby Mode-f

Standby Mode-g

Standby Mode-h

Gundam AGE-2 Normal with all Armaments

To be continued on Part 2...


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