Blitz Gundam Mirage Colloid Version MG Review Part 1

Written By Om3ga062012 on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | 6:48 AM

Blitz Gundam (GAT-X207) is appear on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime series. It's one of the four Alliance prototypes mobile suit that has been stolen by ZAFT, this unit is designed as an stealth-use mobile suit and piloted by Nicol Amalfi. It has special feature to cloak its armor and rendered it invisible to both sensors and the naked eye, this feature called the Mirage Colloid System. This unique system is located on both shoulders, and Nicol uses it to infiltrate the Artemis and severly damage the facility.

The Master Grade (MG) version of Blitz Gundam first released by Bandai on  June 2012, however the Mirage Colloid version only sold at Gunpla Expo events. I must say this is the most expensive gunpla i ever bought. In my country the price is equal with 1 Perfect Grade (PG) version. It consists of 15 plastic runner sets. The snapfit is very tight, so be careful when assembling this kit.

Boxart of MG Blitz Gundam Mirage Colloid Version

Manual Guide (Front Cover)
Manual Guide (Back Cover)

Armaments, System Features & Extra Parts:
Trikeros & Lance Darts (x3)
Beam Saber (x1)

Gleipnir Anchor
Mirage Colloid Generator

Non-Articulated Hand Parts

Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-a
Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-b

Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-c
Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-d

Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-e
Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-f

Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-g
Blitz Gundam (Basic Form)-h

To be Continued on Part 2...


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! I must say, I have not come across it and this is really niche! You seems to like clear MG version kits.... Watched Gundam Seed too and this clear Blitz Gundam relates a lot to the scene Blitz sneaking though the impervious defense in stealth using Mirage Colloid System. A cool kit indeed equivalent to the price of a PG. Ouch!

Om3ga062012 said...

@Dennis aka Katsuden: Thanks,bro. Yup, i like clear MG version, because i'm too lazy to do some lining and price is really high, this one is equal with 1 PG Gundam Astray Red Frame. Actually tiny Nicol Amalfi clear figures also included (there is 3 of them, one as a pilot, standing position, and one on sitting position, but i'm having trouble to take the picture, it's always out of focus everytime i zoom it.

Thanks for the link exchange, really appreciate it :)

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