Custom Build: Sky Raiser MG Review

Written By Om3ga062012 on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 | 11:32 PM

As we already know that Bandai did not release Sky Grasper for MG line, so i decided to convert my O-Raiser into Sky Grasper, and this one is called Sky Raiser.

I modified the tail of O-Raiser by adding an unused PC part, then create additional hole below the cockpit and add the shoulder armor of Strike Gundam to the side binders, so it can carry Striker pack armaments just like Sky Grasper.

Sky Raiser (Basic Form)-a

Sky Raiser (Basic Form)-b

Sky Raiser (Basic Form)-c

Sky Raiser (Basic Form)-d

Sky Raiser (Basic Form)-e

Now, lets put all Striker packs (Aile, Sword & Launcher Striker Packs) to the Sky Raiser, also i add GN Sword III + GN Buster Sword III, and here's the result, Sky Raiser Full Weapons :)

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-a

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-b

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-c

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-d

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-e

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-f

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-g

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-h

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-i

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-j

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-k

Sky Raiser Full Weapons-l


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